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Welcome to industry 4.0

The Oil & Gas industry has several distinctive…

The Oil & Gas industry has several distinctive features. One of them is that in all instances of the business (exploration, extraction, refining, and transportation) a formidable amount of daily data is generated; but only a small part of this valuable and powerful information is used for decision making.

At a time when the pulse of the entire world depends on the progress of the O&G industries, companies in the sector need more than ever to control, care for and analyze the production conditions and the optimization of all the processes that are part of the dynamics. business operational.

In this sense, we know that many of the challenges and opportunities in industries that are based on the extraction of natural resources are concentrated in the management of equipment control and product logistics. However, today, the mere adoption of management and control software is not enough to resolve and improve the extremely complex internal architecture of industries that are so dynamic, and that have so much social and economic impact.

The present demands the Oil & Gas sector to enter the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 through the front door, that is, the digitalization of industrial processes.

For this reason, at eXimo we decided to face this challenge at the height of the moment, and offer IT integration systems.

Integration and efficiency

Maintaining and managing the complex equipment on which O&G companies depend is a permanent challenge for decision makers in organizations in this field.

At the same time, companies increasingly depend on reliable management of their assets to achieve competitive advantages; And as if that were not enough, there are always new regulations or regulatory frameworks to adapt to, in addition to the responsibility to ensure the safety of workers and care for the environment.

At eXimo we design comprehensive solutions for the Oil & Gas industry, because our software developments can be interconnected with the companies’ administrative and accounting management system, and cross it with the monitoring of other vital data such as: asset management, tools, logistics and transportation.

The results of having an integrated IT system in Oil & Gas companies?

Undoubtedly, IT integration influences efficiency, analysis to optimize processes and productivity. The keys:

  • Accessible and available information on assets.
  • Extension of the useful life of all equipment.
  • Optimization of the return on infrastructure investments.
  • Risk mitigation and prevention.
  • Collection and analysis of key data to measure and evaluate asset management, transportation, all the parameters that make the efficiency and profitability of the business.


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