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What factors should be taken into account when hiring IT Outsourcing services?


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The contracting of external services or what we usually call IT outsourcing generally occurs when organizations grow and find themselves with limited internal capabilities to manage certain tasks and operations. Other motivations for outsourcing IT services are to reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve customer service, accelerate digital transformation, migrate legacy systems, and we can go on with a long list of reasons.

The truth is that, whatever the reason, to embark on this business decision, it is essential to have the right supplier that accompanies not only from a technical point of view, but also from a human point of view. It is imperative to consider whether your potential new partner has the technology expertise for your project scope; a proven track record; and an interest in building a strong working relationship to accompany your challenges.

What factors to consider when selecting your IT Outsourcing provider?

As we mentioned, whether you intend to hire a team to build custom software, or acquire specialized resources to augment your team, there are a few key factors that can help you better navigate this selection process.

Breadth of the Services Portfolio

One of the initial steps in hiring an IT provider is understanding what their goals are and what it would take to achieve them. Keeping this in mind will help when evaluating and comparing equipment; Are they equipped enough to take on your project? You can start by asking about the structure of your teams. Are they providing project managers, developers and specialists in infrastructure, security, quality control? It would be ideal for solution providers to host a wide range of internal talent and teams. This way you won’t have to worry about paying for additional services.

Diversity of technical skills and strong field experience

Technology is increasingly broad and there is a huge range of tools, platforms and programming languages ​​that coexist today in the organizational IT ecosystem. When outsourcing work, it is convenient to select the technological partner that is proficient in the tools, platforms and languages ​​with which your organization already works, or needs to work. In the same way, the fact that your new supplier has experience in your field or in a project similar to yours, is undoubtedly an additional relevant added value.

Alignment with the objectives of your business and with the final result

Before committing to a particular company, it is important to align yourself with the objectives to be achieved, making sure that all parties are on the same page. It is important that your supplier understands your short and long term goals and is committed to meeting these goals with your team.

Permanent communication

One of the most important qualities that providers can have is effective communication. The lack of communication can affect the quality of the service and the achievement of the proposed objectives. Openness and transparency are critical to the success of a project. You can ask questions and start discussions to ensure the project is moving forward in a way that you understand and best meet your business goals.

Quality compliance

Make sure that your new provider works with different tools that allow quality control in your service. Tools like Agile and DevOps, which focus on iterative releases, allow for a continuous feedback loop. Define exactly the expected scope of each service and analyze how your provider will fulfill and control each objective.

Certifications and accreditations

When your company is ready to invest in outsourced services, it would be prudent to validate their performance claims. Being able to show skills and abilities is one of the best ways to confirm capabilities. Look for certifications like Oracle, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft.

Budget and service model

Analyze which services are included in the proposal and which are not. Many times the additional ones are high cost. Evaluate your needs and whether the provider’s offer can respond, with a flexible and scalable model, to your current and future needs. Compare service packages before making your decision.

eXimo, your partner in IT outsourcing

Integrating an external team into your structure always entails some risks: that it aligns with your organizational culture, that it complies with the agreement, that it performs what is contracted on time and in the proper manner. Your reputation is on the line when your provider falls short. Thoroughly vetting potential partners is a critical step that should not be overlooked, choosing the right provider makes all the difference to success. It is important to work with companies that offer a solid mix of experience, track records and skills, to ensure a successful IT outsourcing.


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