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We work for a sustainable industry

Reputation became a competitive advantage in the Oil…

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The Oil & Gas industry has several distinctive…

Reputation became a competitive advantage in the Oil and Gas market; a variable that, without a doubt, is built on quality management. A complex industry in a hectic world demands titanic, precise, comprehensive solutions: tailored to the challenges.

During the last century, in the oil and gas industries, quality was considered a secondary value, and the main focus was placed on profitability and safety.

A series of factors in these times show us that quality and safety are priorities that go hand in hand, intertwined, as well as being essential objectives for any industry in the 21st century. The protection of human lives, environmental care, and comprehensive control of all aspects of business management must be combined in a harmonious, centralized, synchronized manner.

Some of the largest oil companies in the world have collapsed due to quality management problems (this was the case with the mythical BP, for example), which led to massive legal demands in the face of a scandalized public opinion, a situation that later affected an image of damaged brand and shareholder distrust.

Quality management has a triple impact: economic, social and environmental.

Oil & Gas operators (as well as petrochemical companies and service companies) can achieve a competitive advantage through process efficiencies. Quality control in the oil and gas sector requires SSOT (Single Source of True) more than ever, to facilitate greater efficiency.

For all this, one of the central products that we develop at eXimo is iQuality, a quality, safety and environment management software that provides the necessary technological support for the implementation of ISO Standards, which makes us proud not only because it provides solutions for the demanding demands of the industry, but also because we have exported this software developed in Argentina to the world.


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